Richard Harrison, Old Man From Pawn Stars Dies at Age 77

Pawn Star's Old Man Richard Harrison

As the backbone of the hit TV show Pawn Stars, Richard Harrison earned the nickname of The Old Man at the age of 38, and for fans of the show as well as his friends and family members, today is a sad day as it was announced that he has passed away early this morning at age 77.  He had a multi-year battle with Parkinson’s disease and had made his last appearance on the show years ago.  Harrison was the co-owner of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, located on Las Vegas Blvd. along with his son Rick Harrison after his 20-year career in the Navy.  They began shooting their TV show about the pawn shop in 2009, and eventually, it became a smash hit.  The show was so popular, in fact, that they constantly had lines around the block of people wanting to get into the store that they’ve seen on TV.  A few years ago, they bought the lot next to their store and began construction on Pawn Plaza, an entire complex complete with restaurants, bars, and shops all themed after the store and show.  The legacy of Mr. Harrison will continue to live on in the TV show, the pawn shop, and the new Pawn Plaza.

Families of Victims of the 1 October Las Vegas Shooting to receive $275k Each

Memorial for 1 October Massacre Victims

After a crowd funding campaign raised $31.5 million for the victims of the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas last year, the non-profit organization has announced how they are going to dole out the money.  Families of the 58 people who died as a result of their injuries are set to receive $275 thousand dollars each, as will the 10 people who were permanently paralyzed or suffered severe brain damage.

An additional $10 million dollars will be divided among the 147 people who were hospitalized as a result of their injuries sustained during the 1 October massacre.  Disbursements were determined by a committee of victim advocates, mental health and medical professionals, lawyers, donors and others. The committee held two town hall meetings to hear from victims and their families.



Metro Arrests Man Who Carried Fake Gun and Wore Mask at Boulevard Mall

Metro Police gather outside Boulevard Mall after reports of armed man inside

Las Vegas Metro Police have arrested a man who entered the Boulevard Mall wearing a mask and carrying what looked like an assault rifle.  Patrons of the mall were panicked as they saw the man enter the mall and walk around and immediately notified police at about 7 pm yesterday.  Metro responded in full force, especially after the 1 October shooting, even though there were no shots fired they were not taking any chances.  They ended up sweeping the entire mall 3 times but they finally found the man and arrested him with what turned out to be a fake gun.



Taco Bell to Allow Marriages at Las Vegas Location

According to USA Today, Taco Bell is starting a promotion in which they will allow 2 couples to actually tie the knot at one of their Las Vegas locations.  While there are some strange places to get married in Sin City, this is definitely at the top of the list for bizarre locations to get hitched.  To enter, couples will need to tell what role the fast food chain has played in their relationship in a photo or 30 second video.  Fans will then vote and choose the winners.  The prize includes air-fare to Las Vegas, as well as a private cabana and VIP table at the nightclub Drai’s and other wedding items like a photographer of the big event, etc.

But if you don’t happen to win the contest, don’t fret you can still be married at the Taco Bell location in Las Vegas, but it will end up costing you $600, or the equivalent of 600 dollar menu items.  All you need to do is walk up to the counter like you were ordering food and order the wedding package for two right off the menu.  Only in Las Vegas, right?

But if you aren’t exactly interested in having your big day take place at a fast food restaurant there are plenty of other great places to get married at in Las Vegas.  For a whole run down, check out the Wedding Visitors Guide to Las Vegas.

Former Boulder City Animal Control Chief Sentenced to 90 Days

Former Boulder City Animal Control Chief, Mary Jo Frazier, who allegedly euthanized over 100 dogs after being in the shelter for 24 hours or less was recently sentenced to 90 days for euthanizing her own dog after he urinated in the house – although others have claimed that she did so only because she was going through a bitter divorce and wanted to hurt her husband by killing his dog.  Bill Conger, who was the former police chief was forced to resign after information came to light that he forced detectives to look the other way regarding claims against Fraizer started to surface as well as when drugs and money started to vanish from the Boulder City animal control center.

Fraizer’s fellow co-workers said that she had euthanized animals without waiting the required time peried, and Las Vegas Metro Police Department have compiled at least 91 instances of unusual animal deaths at the shelter.

Former police chief Conger who did not bring charges against Frazier initially, was handed a $1,000 fine after he pleaded guilty to one count of failure to perform a duty.

A defense attorney for Frazier told the judge his client had been going through a stressful time in her life and moving out of state.  This may be a wise choice as many in the city and surrounding areas who have heard about Fraizer’s supposed misdeeds have been very vocal on social media about what she did – and what they would do to her if given the chance.  Most people in Boulder City familiar with the story believe that Frazier and Conger both got only a slap on the wrist and that they deserved much stiffer penalties than they were given.


Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Visits Black Hat Hacker Conference While in Las Vegas

While she was in town this week, her supporters held a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the annual Black Hat hacker conference that is held in tandem with the Defcon hacker convention as well as the Dbase conference as well in Las Vegas every summer.  Black Hat is for cyber security experts to meet and talk about the latest and newest security news, attack methods, vulnerabilities in new hardware and software and much more.  The Clinton fundraiser held Wednesday night cost $100 to $200 for tickets.

The term ‘Black Hat’ is a term that hackers use to refer to their morality.  The opposite of a ‘White Hat’ hacker, a ‘Black Hat’ hacker is someone who does not necessarily follow strict moral codes and laws while ‘White Hats’ do.  The Black Hat show is much more expensive to get into than its fellow Defcon convention that is being held later this month.  Defcon is more of a cheaper get together where cybersecurity experts and electronics hobbiests alike get together and has more of a party like atmosphere than Black Hat, which is more for those who work as CIOs or Security Analyists for large organizations to show their latest work to others in the field.

It is interesting that Clinton’s campaign has reached out to Black Hat to organize a fundraiser during their convention with her history of cyber in-security, since her email accounts were hosted on non government systems in the past that were not up to snuff in the security department which caught her a lot of flack and the DNC has recently been hacked as well.  Trump has even used this against her many times, saying that hacker groups such as those in Russia specifically should hack her email accounts and make some of her emails public to humiliate her and show that she may not have what it takes to be the Commander in Chief.


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