Families of Victims of the 1 October Las Vegas Shooting to receive $275k Each

Memorial for 1 October Massacre Victims

After a crowd funding campaign raised $31.5 million for the victims of the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas last year, the non-profit organization has announced how they are going to dole out the money.  Families of the 58 people who died as a result of their injuries are set to receive $275 thousand dollars each, as will the 10 people who were permanently paralyzed or suffered severe brain damage.

An additional $10 million dollars will be divided among the 147 people who were hospitalized as a result of their injuries sustained during the 1 October massacre.  Disbursements were determined by a committee of victim advocates, mental health and medical professionals, lawyers, donors and others. The committee held two town hall meetings to hear from victims and their families.


[Source: https://nypost.com/2018/03/02/families-of-vegas-massacre-victims-to-receive-275k-each/]

Metro Arrests Man Who Carried Fake Gun and Wore Mask at Boulevard Mall

Metro Police gather outside Boulevard Mall after reports of armed man inside

Las Vegas Metro Police have arrested a man who entered the Boulevard Mall wearing a mask and carrying what looked like an assault rifle.  Patrons of the mall were panicked as they saw the man enter the mall and walk around and immediately notified police at about 7 pm yesterday.  Metro responded in full force, especially after the 1 October shooting, even though there were no shots fired they were not taking any chances.  They ended up sweeping the entire mall 3 times but they finally found the man and arrested him with what turned out to be a fake gun.


[Source: https://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/las-vegas-police-arrest-mall-gunman-gun-appears-to-be-fake/]