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Families of Victims of the 1 October Las Vegas Shooting to receive $275k Each

Memorial for 1 October Massacre Victims

After a crowd funding campaign raised $31.5 million for the victims of the 1 October shooting in Las Vegas last year, the non-profit organization has announced how they are going to dole out the money.  Families of the 58 people

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Metro Arrests Man Who Carried Fake Gun and Wore Mask at Boulevard Mall

Metro Police gather outside Boulevard Mall after reports of armed man inside

Las Vegas Metro Police have arrested a man who entered the Boulevard Mall wearing a mask and carrying what looked like an assault rifle.  Patrons of the mall were panicked as they saw the man enter the mall and walk

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Taco Bell to Allow Marriages at Las Vegas Location

According to USA Today, Taco Bell is starting a promotion in which they will allow 2 couples to actually tie the knot at one of their Las Vegas locations.  While there are some strange places to get married in Sin

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Former Boulder City Animal Control Chief Sentenced to 90 Days

Former Boulder City Animal Control Chief, Mary Jo Frazier, who allegedly euthanized over 100 dogs after being in the shelter for 24 hours or less was recently sentenced to 90 days for euthanizing her own dog after he urinated in

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Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Visits Black Hat Hacker Conference While in Las Vegas

While she was in town this week, her supporters held a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the annual Black Hat hacker conference that is held in tandem with the Defcon hacker convention as well as the Dbase conference as well in

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Welcome to Las Vegas News

Welcome to the brand new site, Las Vegas News!  As of now this is the very fist post, so please stand by as more content is created but it will only be updated as the news in Las Vegas happens. 

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