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Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Visits Black Hat Hacker Conference While in Las Vegas

While she was in town this week, her supporters held a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the annual Black Hat hacker conference that is held in tandem with the Defcon hacker convention as well as the Dbase conference as well in Las Vegas every summer.  Black Hat is for cyber security experts to meet and talk about the latest and newest security news, attack methods, vulnerabilities in new hardware and software and much more.  The Clinton fundraiser held Wednesday night cost $100 to $200 for tickets.

The term ‘Black Hat’ is a term that hackers use to refer to their morality.  The opposite of a ‘White Hat’ hacker, a ‘Black Hat’ hacker is someone who does not necessarily follow strict moral codes and laws while ‘White Hats’ do.  The Black Hat show is much more expensive to get into than its fellow Defcon convention that is being held later this month.  Defcon is more of a cheaper get together where cybersecurity experts and electronics hobbiests alike get together and has more of a party like atmosphere than Black Hat, which is more for those who work as CIOs or Security Analyists for large organizations to show their latest work to others in the field.

It is interesting that Clinton’s campaign has reached out to Black Hat to organize a fundraiser during their convention with her history of cyber in-security, since her email accounts were hosted on non government systems in the past that were not up to snuff in the security department which caught her a lot of flack and the DNC has recently been hacked as well.  Trump has even used this against her many times, saying that hacker groups such as those in Russia specifically should hack her email accounts and make some of her emails public to humiliate her and show that she may not have what it takes to be the Commander in Chief.


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