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Welcome to the brand new site, Las Vegas News!  As of now this is the very fist post, so please stand by as more content is created but it will only be updated as the news in Las Vegas happens.  So if you are interested in Las Vegas and what goes on in the city please check this site out regularly for more info as time goes by.  Las Vegas is a very high paced, interesting city and news happens all the time here.  That is why it takes a person like me who lives in the city and can keep everyone updated as the news happens and as things change in Sin City.

I was born in, and raised in, Las Vegas, Nevada and it is still my home to this day.  As 30+ year Las Vegan I know some things about this town that most do not, and I think that is what gives me a great lead in the news and information about the city.  It takes someone who knows Las Vegas to bring the news to the people, whether it be fellow locals or those who are traveling to Las Vegas – no matter if it is for business or for pleasure.  I can give a certain take on the news that I believe nobody else can.  And that is why I have created this site, to give my own personal take on Las Vegas that only I can.

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